Harrison Fryberg:

Lil Bill provides honest, quality service at an affordable student friendly price. I've taken my bikes to him multiple times throughout my four years as a dental student. He's always done an excellent job. More often than not he's offered to do tuneups and small repairs for free. Thank you Bill! I hope the school lets you stay put. The student body can only benefit.

Prea Wright:

We need people like him to remain in the community. Someone who can relate to the students and the people living in the area as well.

Jazmin Hall:

Los Angeles Apr 24, 2017 As an graduating undergrad student at USC, I have spent 5 years at the best school in the world. I have felt mightily blessed to walk these grounds and learn from some of the best and brightest minds, and not once did I take this school, or the many opportunities it provides, for granted. But now I must speak up against my once beloved school. The atrocities the minority's groups have faced both on and off the campus will not be tolerated. It is time USC proves it's values it brags to hold so high and support the Los Angeles community that has hosted it for over a century. How can I be proud to be a Trojan when my "family" is exploiting our neighbors and destroying families by removing a source of income that they have come to rely on for decades? He has committed his life to fixing Trojan bikes, and though it may appear to be a menial task, any Trojan would tell you a broken bike could be the difference between being failing an exam or arriving early to a class and claiming that coveted seat where nothing and no one is obstructing your view of the professor's barely legible notes. Lil Bill isn't just a neighbor-- he's family. He has watched generations upon generations walk onto campus in freshman awe and walk of the graduation stage a groomed member of society, and he was been there for every step in between. Be the Trojan Family we all know and love, the one who looks out for our own. Lil Bill deserves more from you, USC. He deserves more from us.